I wish I was as eloquent with words as I am telling a story with my camera but with a heart that thrives on relationships, I want to share my story.

So here it goes...a little about me.

I grew up in Chelan, Washington, running barefoot in my grandparent’s orchard , working in my parents’ restaurant. In my childhood, I was the “nerdy kid” who loved learning and spending time with a close knit group of friends but after graduation, I packed my bags to leave my hometown and headed for college and the big city. I started my higher education on track to major in International Business with dreams of jetting around the world…but Business Law quickly put an end to that plan. I worked at a few different restaurants, made some amazing memories… and then, I met my husband, Bryan. 

We had a boy-meets-girl-girl-laughs-and-says-no-way-girl-falls-for-boy courtship. I recommend never overlooking the friend that constantly makes you laugh - he is usually a diamond in the rough. After dating for a year, Bryan surprised me with a birthday getaway to the ocean, one of my favorite places. It was so romantic, I remember overlooking waves crashing on the shore and champagne chilling when we arrived. Sitting on the couch looking out the window of the hotel, all of a sudden he was in front of me, on bent knee. I would like to say I remember everything he said to me, but all I could hear was YES! in my head. Fifteen years later, we are still madly in love and now raising our three boys to be kind, generous and free spirited.

Growing up, I always loved taking photos – primarily landscapes. Then one day, I I decided that I wanted to take my sister in law's maternity photos. I had just gotten a new camera and was so excited! What could go wrong? Well, let's just say she was one very patient, pregnant momma (of twins)! One of the images I captured is still my favorite of all time. It was a pivotal experience for me. I was hooked; I had found my passion! I asked anyone and everyone to pose in front of my camera (even dogs) and with lots of studying, trial and error, I finally started feeling confident in my abilities. 

In 2012, Mistie McLaughlin Photography was established. Since then, I have had the privilege of photographing many families, couples, and individuals that I now call friends. I have seen families grow up in front of my camera and loved every minute of it! 


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We love Mistie! We live on the Western side of Washington but got married over in Leavenworth. We had her take our wedding photos and we loved her so much that she has become our family photographer. We make the trip over every year to have her capture our family! She is great with kids and always picks a beautiful location. We definitely recommend her!



Mistie did our wedding and engagement photos and everything turned out great! She was super organized and checked in with us several times between our initial appointment and first shoot. Really nice to have someone who is so on top of things when you're in the middle of the planning process.

When it comes time for more photos we will definitely be using Mistie. Thanks again!!



Could not recommend her more! She is great at capturing very natural looking photos and just makes you feel so comfortable! You won’t be disappointed.



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